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Why We Grow
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Welcome to Dreamland Flower Farm. We are a microfarm with big hearts and believe in doing the right thing. We grow a large variety of flowers and we know that our success starts from the soil up. We make and use only organic compost and fertilizers. We do not use any chemicals in the soil or on our plants. Although we are not certified as an organic farm we choose not to use any pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. You ask, “what difference does it make?”, they are flowers, “we aren’t eating them”. It does matter as all of those chemicals affect our soil, our eco-system, our wildlife and our waters. We believe that being excellent stewards of the land and enriching it will help the surrounding eco-system as well. We also do not use any genetically modified seeds. All of these intentional efforts mean you will have better blooms. It also means our flowers may be more expensive than what you find in local retail shop because what we do is more labor intensive and involves more steps to ensure disease and pests stay at a minimum. We feel that managing the soil, pests and diseases in a way Mother Nature intended is the only way to run our farm. We hope you agree and recognize the value of our methods for yourself and loved ones.

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