Welcome to the Flower Shack

50 Washington Rd

Cromwell, CT

The Self-Serve Flower Shack is open seasonally: from mid April to the end of October.

In the Summer the shack is open 7 days a week. 

The Flower Shack has our beautifully grown farm fresh arrangements and bunches of cut flowers for easy pickup. Bunches and arrangements vary depending on our seasonal flowers.  Prices range from $15-$80 in the shack. 

This part of the website allows you to shop online and prepay for flowers in the Shack. 

You may also pay for flowers in person: Venmo, PayPal or cash are options in the Shack - easy instructions are posted inside.

Wi-Fi is available in the Shack for your convenience.


If you would like a custom arrangement, please call/text ( 860-794-3073 ) or email dreamlandflowerfarm@gmail.com.

Please browse the custom arrangement page to see the gallery of arrangements and fill out a request form.

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