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Dahlia Shipping

Dahlia Tuber Shipping:


Dreamland Flower will ship orders out late March/early April after the threat of freezing temperatures. We only ship tubers within the USA.

(At this time, we are unable to ship internationally).

We start shipping to the warmer climates/ growing zones first.

Dreamland Flower Farm mostly uses USPS Priority Mail that usually means your tubers will arrive 2-4 days after they have been sent. Tracking is automatically part of your shipment.

Dreamland Flower Farm only sells their own farm grown tubers which have no chemicals or pesticides. We only use organic practices. Tubers are sold as individuals. 

Shipping is through US Postal Service and UPS

1-5 tubers $11.00

6-16 tubers $18.00

17-30 tubers $24.00

31-50 tubers $30.00

51-74 tubers $35.00

76+ tubers $45.00

We ship "If it fits, it ships" boxes. We will do our best to ship in the smallest box possible. We will try to refund any differences in shipping costs if there is a significant overage. 

Local Pick Up at Dreamland Flower Farm:

At this time there is no local pickup.

Early Shipping:

At this time, no orders will be shipped early. Shipping begins late March/early April. Shipping will begin with the warmer regions first.

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