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Welcome to Dreamland Flower Farm, a small microfarm located in the river valley in Cromwell, Connecticut.  I am Merrie, your local flower farmer, florist, and creator of beautifully designed landscapes. I grow an extensive variety of specialty cut flowers in both my annual and perennials gardens that make up the majority of our quaint New England property.


As a little girl I remember planting and tending the gardens with my parents and picking flowers early in the morning. One of my favorite flowers to pick is Daffodils. There is nothing better than taking a deep breath and filling your senses with that sweet smell. I adore Daffodils. When I see daffodils throughout my community it signals the arrival of Spring and that means the abundance of flowers will soon be among us.


I have been growing my own flowers for over thirty years. When I moved into one of my first apartments, my neighbor encouraged me to create my own little flower garden along the fence. She gave me some of her perennials and believe it or not, thirty years later I still have them and cherish them.


When I look back on my journey of flowers, they have always been there; quietly making me a better person and teaching me life lesson’s of patience, hard work, diligence and the power of Mother Nature. Gardening and farming resonate with me. I am truly happy when I’m digging in the dirt; carrying armloads of flowers; creating beautiful arrangements; teaching others about flowers and most of all sharing my passion.


I adore all kinds of flowers and I often can be heard throughout the season saying “this is my favorite”. The truth is, they are all my favorites for their own reasons. But, dahlias steal my heart all the time!!  A large portion of the microfarm is dedicated to dahlias. I grow a large variety of dahlias for weddings, bouquets, local florists and to fill “The Flower Shack” which is located on our property.


In 2020, I open my doors to Dreamland Flower Farm. I’m learning as fast as I can about growing cut flowers for production. I love the process and I’m honing my thirty years of growing experience every day. Currently I offer flower subscriptions; buckets of flowers and have custom flower arrangements in the Flower Shack seasonally. I also provide DIY wedding florals. Furthermore, I sell my specialty dahlia tubers in late winter on my website.


My blooms are cultivated with sustainable growing methods, I refrain from using harsh chemicals or synthetic fertilizers and I’m committed to enhancing the environment and my community. I strive to grow the best blooms and tubers and to provide you with outstanding flowers that fill your senses and your dreams for a lifetime.

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