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Lush, artful floral arrangements inspired by the seasons and designed for you.


We design flowers that are woven into your lifetime of memories.


Please read the general information below and then contact Merrie about your wedding plans by filling out this form. 


Creating beauty is our passion and we are delighted to share our enthusiasm with you by creating beautifully designed one-of-a-kind flowers for your wedding.  Our property is overflowing with specialty flowers from May through October. We take pride in growing heirloom, old fashioned and uncommon varieties of flowers because this allows us to artfully design exquisite memorable natural botanical displays. Creating color harmonies with flowers and adding depth and texture is our passion. We hand pick the most perfect flowers for each bouquet and skillfully craft your vision to reflect your special day.

We have two different options for Wedding Florals. 

Full Service: 

We know how special flowers are and this options allows you to customize exactly what you want for your special day. We understand better than anyone how time-consuming planning your wedding can be. We strive to have full pricing transparency from the beginning including all of your options. If you are looking for specific colors, exact flower choices,  require a consultation and have complex event design needs then a full service wedding option is best for you. 

  • This is option allows you the most flexibly and options.

  • You are able to discuss your floral options and style.

  • You are able to send photos of interest that inspire you.

  • You are able to discuss your options with Merrie either in person or on the phone for a one hour consultation. 

  • You are able to email and provide additional information throughout the process before a contract is signed

  • Delivery and set up is available 


You Select: You Select Specific Florals items

This option is for you if are looking for unique beautiful wedding flowers and you do not have a strong preference for a particular design or flower ingredients. 

Our pricing is upfront so you have the ability to customize your package with the items you would like while staying within budget.

We have streamlined the process of selecting your wedding flowers by offering limited styles of garden arrangements from flowers we grow seasonally. We arrange your flowers using the best of what’s growing the week of your wedding.

  • Our specified options are perfect for couples who love Dreamland Flower Farm’s signature garden style but do not require on site set up or full service for their wedding. This option is ideal for clients who only need personal flowers, centerpieces and a few focal arrangements. Dreamland makes it easy.

  • Simply choose the size and quantity of your personal flowers and centerpieces.

  • You choose a color palette and style. Leave the rest to us!

  • We offer the option to deliver your flowers on site - for an additional fee. Most customers who choose "You Select" pick the florals up themselves.

  • Communications and ordering is done by email unless Merrie needs to give you a call.

  • If you choose "You Select" for your wedding florals an email will be sent with all the details, costs and instructions on the process.

  • This option does not include:

    •  specifying flowers

    • sending photos of what you would like

    • making special requests

    • a phone conversation nor a consultation 

  • Keep in mind if you select this option that you will need:

    • a cool place to store the florals until the florals are brought to the venue

    • time to pick the florals up if that is what you choose

    • a vehicle large enough for the florals and the time frame to get the florals to the event location.


We accept a limited number of weddings and events so that we are able to focus our full attention on your needs and to ensure we pick the best of our fresh blooms. We take pride in what we do and we believe in being attentive, prompt, communicative and provide the best quality flowers. We want our love, joy and beauty for our special flowers to embrace your memories.

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