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Why Buy Local
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What an enormous question to ask yourself. First, let us acknowledge you for asking this amazing question and for thinking outside the box. We love this question. Why, because it gives us the opportunity to educate our community about where and how flowers are traditionally grow.


Currently, more than 80% of the flowers purchased in the USA are grown overseas, mostly in South America. The flowers that are grown and raised in these countries are heavily laden with herbicides; dangerous pesticides, fungicides and the people who work at these farms often have very poor labor conditions. In addition to all these reasons, by the time you buy flowers here in the USA, they are usually a week or more old. This of course means the flowers only last a few days in your home or at a loved one’s home.


Buying local flowers from Dreamland Flower Farm means no harsh chemicals and no exploiting of labor practices. It also means we grow our flowers with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We grow quality over quantity. We grow flowers that the commercial industry simply can’t ship due to their fragile nature or because of the timing of when they need to be picked for ultimate use.


Our flowers are gorgeous, interesting, chemical free, and best of all long lasting. I frequently hear, "the flowers I bought last week are still gorgeous, I am buying for a loved one because I want them to have your amazing flowers too." Our flowers are harvested either that day or the day before, thus ensures the flowers have a long vase life. It gives us great pride to share our beauties with you. We know when you inhale these one of a kind scents; gaze at their amazing colors and marvel at the unique varieties, you will agree Dreamland Flowers are for you or a loved one.


Let us also consider when you buy local you are strengthening and engaging in your community. You are investing in businesses that in turn supports other businesses.  Knowing your farmer gives you great insight into seasonal information and environmental issues. Buying local also means you’re investing in your wildlife and open spaces!! There are so many more reasons why buying local is beneficial. 

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