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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you provide full service weddings?

Dreamland Flower Farm creates florals for both à la carte and small full service weddings. Please email us for more information about our wedding flowers. 

What is the vase recycle program and how does it work?


The vase recycle program occurs at the Flower Shack at15 Beechwood Circle, Cromwell, CT.  How it works: bring any clear vases you have from your own collection or ones you received from Dreamland Flower Farm to the Flower Shack. Enter your name and the amount of vases you have chosen to recycle into the raffle. Instructions are inside the shack. Dreamland Flower Farm randomly selects a winner twice a month to win a free bouquet of flowers. Winners are notified by text/phone.


Does Dreamland Flower Farm have “Pick your own flowers?”

As much as we would like to offer this, we unfortunately are unable to have Pick Your Own at this time; perhaps in the future.



Do you offer floral and flower farming workshops?

We are currently working on several ideas and we would like to offer this option soon. Please check back with us. Please feel free to email us your ideas so we can add them to the “think box”.


Can we take professional photographs and portraits on the farm?

Yes and no. It depends on the time of the year and what you’re looking for. It’s best to email us and begin the conversation.


I’m a florist, do you sell flowers to local florists?

Yes, please contact Merrie at 860-794-3073 by phone or text for details. Dreamland Flower Farm is interested in supporting local like-minded florists within a 15 minute drive of Cromwell, CT.


Can I buy flowers online and pick up later?

Yes, on the Dreamland Flower Farm website click on “shop” and then click on “flower shack” and from there you can choose an amount you would like to spend and then you can check out. You will be unable to select the exact arrangement at this time due to the unique nature of each bouquet, but you can pre shop and have an arrangement set aside for pick up later. If time is allotted, a few images can be sent by text for you to make a selection.

What forms of payment does Dreamland take at the Self-Serve Flower Shack?

Dreamland Flower Farm takes payment using PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay as well cash and checks. Easy, contactless instructions are in the Flower Shack. A smartphone is necessary for these electronic payments. The Flower Shack has free Wi-Fi for your convenience.


Do you deliver or ship flowers?

We do not ship fresh flowers. We do ship our dahlia tubers in April and May. At this time we do not do deliveries unless they are within 2 miles of the farm for a small fee.


Do you make custom arrangements like ones I can purchase from a florist?

Yes, Merrie makes beautiful unique arrangements that you can customize for your special event or for a gift. Simply text or call Merrie at  860-794-3073 for more information. You can also read more about Merrie’s arrangements in the floristry header on the website.


Can I host a small event at the farm?

Maybe, it depends on what you have in mind. Please contact Dreamland Flower Farm to begin the conversation.


Do you sell your flowers anywhere other than at your property?

We are working on this. At this time, the only place you can purchase bouquets and arrangements is at our property. We are looking to expand retail options for flower subscriptions at coffee shops, yoga studios, hair salons, offices….etc. We have a plan and ideas; please email us if you are interested in this option and helping us spread our beautiful farm fresh flowers.

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