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Dahlia Policies

Satisfaction Guarantee:


Dahlia tubers are sold individually and are guaranteed to have at least one growing eye.

The dahlias from Dreamland Flower Farm are grown organically and are free of pesticides on our property.


We do not resell other growers tubers. If you are not satisfied or if you have any concerns please contact within 7 days of the arrival of your tuber shipment.

Dreamland Flower Farm is not responsible for damage due to poor growing conditions, storage methods, pests or negligence. All of the tubers sold by Dreamland Flower Farm will be in excellent condition and packaged with extra care.


Your Cart: 

Items in your cart are not confirmed until checkout is  completed and you have received an order confirmation email. If items disappear from you cart or the status changes to “Unavailable” during the checkout process, it is because someone else checked out and paid prior to you. This is an issue which is beyond our control and determined by the web platform. When ordering please keep in mind that even though the tubers are in your cart, they are not "confirmed as yours" until the entire checkout process is complete.

Shipping within the USA: 

Currently Dreamland Flower Farm only ships dahlia tubers within the USA. We are unable to ship to Canada or any other countries.

Returns and Refunds:

Please inspect dahlia tubers upon delivery and notify Dreamland Flower Farm within 7 days of any concerns. We do everything to ensure our tubers are the very best and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. If there are any problems email right away. We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. 


Substitutions and Cancellations:

All sales are final and there are no cancellations. Ultimately Mother Nature rules and if something goes wrong with our storage and we are unable to ship a particular tuber, you will be notified and together we will decide what is best.

Dahlia Virus:

We follow all the American Dahlia Society (ADS) recommendations to help control disease in Dahlias. We sanitize our snips when harvesting flowers, we sanitize loppers when cutting down the plants at the end of the season, and we sanitize shears and cutting surfaces between clumps when dividing tubers. We cull any variety that looks questionable and we have a pest management protocol which includes only organic products.


Even with all these practices in place, according to the American Dahlia Society's 2022 virus research, an average of 87% of healthy, asymptomatic dahlia plants carry at least one virus. We will continue our efforts to minimize dahlia virus in our operation but please understand that dahlia viruses have been recognized for over a hundred years and can be present with little to no symptoms. If you have a concern please let us know right away. Often a plant that looks "unhealthy" could simply need proper fertilization and/or hydration. 

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