Valley Porcupine is hands down one of my top five favorite dahlias! Ok, ok, I know I'm not supposed to have favorites...shhhh, don't tell anyone! She is gorgeous, she is like no other dahlia, she makes me happy all the time. I talk to and touch Valley Porcupine more than any other dahlia ain my collection.  I know I am nuts, but I don't care.  Her petite blooms are blushy, creamy, icy, pinky with quill-like petals that roll inward. She grows 4-5 feet and produces armloads of blooms which easily slip into most arrangements. Her stems are incredibly long and strong. She makes fantastic tubers too. Valley Porcupine is a must have in your garden.  I wish I could grow a field of Valley Porcupine, what a sight that would be... a girl can dream can't she, one day!!!!!!! 

valley porcupine