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Bulk: 5 tubers  Tempest is magnificent, a total jaw dropper! Her color is vibrant, clear and totally captivating. Every time I see her I am in awe. Her color is a deep bright coral-red that draws you in and her shape is perfect, everytime. I adore her! She is one of those dahlias that takes your breath away and you wonder why she isn't on your mind all the time. She makes great tubers too.

Tempest bulk: 5 tubers

Sorry - Sold out

    Formal Decorative

    Bloom size: 4

    Height: 4'

    Tuber Maker: Excellent

    Introduced: 1997


    Dreamland Flower Farm dahlias are sold as single tubers. Dreamland only sells their own farm grown tubers. We guarantee satisfaction and we pride ourselves on quality tubers. 

    Please read all policy information including: Guarantee, refunds, returns, subsitutions and cancellations. Click here
    We only ship within the USA.


    Dahlia tuber orders are shipped within the USA. Most orders are shipped through USPS using Priority Mail. Larger tuber orders will ship through UPS. Orders will be shipped starting the end of March/early April after there is no threat to the tubers freezing during transport. 


    1-5 tubers $9.00
    6-20 tubers $15.00
    21-40 tubers $20.00
    41-75+ tubers $30.00 - click link below for more info


    Local Pickup will be available on the weekend of May 4th and May 5th. 10am-2pm. Only choose the farm pickup option if you can commit now to pick up on this weekend. Please note that orders failed to be picked up on this weekend (for any reason) will be cancelled and a 25% restocking fee will apply.

    For more info click here

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