Bucket of Flowers

Dreamland Flower Farm is excited to offer buckets of seasonal flowers for your event. The “Do-it-yourself” buckets of flowers are best for small occasions and events such as: dinner parties, anniversaries, birthday parties, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers or backyard celebrations. Buckets of Flowers may also be a wonderful option for those who are creating their own special DIY wedding.  Buckets of flowers are available from the end of May through early October.


Farmer's Choice Buckets of Flowers will have 70 beautifully selected stems in a variety of colors depending on the time of year and the type of flowers being harvested. All buckets will come with focal flowers, accent flowers and foliage.

Customized Buckets of Flowers will have the same amount as the Farmer's Choice Buckets and you may choose the colors; you may request the color preferences for the flowers but not specific varieties.


Please note that we do not guarantee specific flowers or varieties in our buckets. We work hard to accommodate general request, but we only harvest the best quality flowers and Mother Nature often leads the way in helping us decide.



Add on Flowers: If you are looking to add specific flowers to the bucket (s), this may be an option depending on the flowers available and additional charges may apply given the requests.


To Order:

Please fill out this form to request your buckets of flowers. 


Farmer’s Choice Buckets of Flowers usually require 1 week lead-time. $115 per bucket

Wedding and Customized Buckets of flowers usually require 2 week lead-time. $130 per bucket